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POS Payment Integrations

A quick, efficient and secure checkout experience for all parties.


Payment Flexibility

Streamline operations with Heartland Payments, or choose another processor that suits your business.


Secure Processing

Accept EMV, Apple Pay, Google Wallets, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and more!


Modern Hardware

Set the right tone: Present a sleek and elegant payment solution to your customers.


Seamless Commerce

Choose a processor that supports you wherever you sell, online or in store.


Integrate with Heartland Payments to deliver a seamless experience.

Consumers expect a fast, streamlined and secure payment process, and you need a reliable and cost-effective POS payment solutions provider. Integrating Heartland Payments with your Heartland Retail account means reduced wait and checkout times, a quick end-of-day close, less margin for error and a mobile solution that allows you to accept payments from online or anywhere in the store—just like your mobile POS.

HL Integration Heartland new

Your business, your choice.

We support 99% of credit card processors, so you can enjoy flexibility in choosing the processor that best fits your business needs.

Learn more about the configuration details for each of our payment processing partners by talking to one of our retail consultants today.

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