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Retail Marketing + Loyalty Platform Integrations

Choose POS and Retail Management software that's specifically designed to give you the data and tools you need to attract, retain and engage a loyal customer base.

Boost engagement by personalizing the retail customer experience.


Data-Driven Insight

Collect customer data at the POS and leverage it to create personalized campaigns.


Customer Relationships

Grow and nurture your customer base by providing a seamless experience.


Monitor Effectiveness

Focus your precious resources on marketing efforts that yield results. 


Omnichannel Functionality

Gain a holistic view of your customers, no matter where or how they shop.


Harness your POS customer data and develop smart, strategic marketing campaigns.

Today's customers are more discerning than ever. It's imperative to understand them deeply and create tailored marketing campaigns that keep them engaged, loyal and happy — boosting your bottom line!

When you integrate with one of our preferred marketing and retail loyalty providers, you gain the tools you need to streamline your customer relationship management and get quantifiable results. Or, consider developing your own integration by accessing our open API.

Learn more about the unique features of our out-of-the-box loyalty marketing programs:

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Learn more about the pricing, configuration and sync details for each of our retail marketing and loyalty programs by talking to one of our retail consultants today.

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