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Multi-Store POS Software for Retail

Heartland Retail is a powerful retail management platform designed to keep you agile and productive. The user-friendly multi-store POS software provides the data you need to improve performance across all channels and grow profitably.
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Truly built for multi-store, Heartland Retail is a powerful retail hub for your enterprise.

Heartland Retail was designed and built as multi-store retail management software. We’ve walked in your shoes and felt your pain. We know a store-by-store view of inventory limits your ability to sell and inability to transfer means unbalanced stock and missed opportunities.


With Heartland Retail mobile POS, multi-store management is innate. You’ll see real-time inventory across every store, so you can sell that size 8 sweater in Portland just as easily as the one in your hand in Boston. Plus, the sale will be credited to the store that actually sold the item—not the store that shipped it—allowing you to track source sales. It's quick and easy to move inventory between locations, so you can allocate merchandise to the store you know will sell it.

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Gain powerful enterprise-grade tools to help your multi store business grow, profitably!

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