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Mox Boarding House

Multi-location game retailer uses real-time data and powerful reporting to navigate an unsteady retail environment.

Take one look at Mox Boarding House and you’ll quickly realize that while it is a staple of its neighborhood, it’s so much more than your neighborhood game store.

Case-Study-Mox-Boarding-House-LogoWith three locations (and a fourth on the way), the Pacific Northwest-based game retailer is a paragon not only in its surrounding communities, but the game community as a whole. In addition to its large selection of games for purchase—everything from Magic: The Gathering to Monopoly—each location houses a full-service restaurant, game library and private event space, making them a force to be reckoned with, and raising the bar for so many other game retailers of the like.

A quick swipe through its Instagram shows countless “I wish you had a location in my city” and “Can’t wait for you to reopen!” comments after the stores were closed for several months during the coronavirus pandemic. All while navigating their own shutdown, they hosted a virtual fundraiser that provided 50,000 meals to neighboring families in need. That’s on top of the $650,000 they’ve already raised for local nonprofits since the inception of their ENGAGE philanthropy.

Mox radiates community, and it’s obvious that this is a people first, profit second-kind of business.


By the very nature of its product offerings and clientbase, a retailer like Mox Boarding House has to be modern—in the experience it offers its customers and the way it operates its business. And with over 300 employees, coming from all degrees of technology comfort, they need a system that's easy to learn, easy to use and quick to start. Plus, with multiple locations, management needs to be able to access sales and business data from anywhere, be it back office, next state over or out of the country.

After 20 years in business, they were feeling the weight of their bulky, on-premise POS system. "There was nothing intuitive about it," said Jorel Miller, Director of Mox. "It had a steep learning curve for new users." The more Mox grew, the more archaic their previous system felt, weighing them down with expensive and slow upgrades, no access to real-time reporting and tedious workarounds for seemingly simple operations, like allowing more than one user to be active at a single location.

"Being able to easily analyze data during a truly unprecedented time is key to our future success."

- Jorel Miller, Director, Mox Boarding House –


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